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Goal Oriented Future Design Learning

Skills that can help one progress at work. Qualifications that can help one seek a better job. Excell at hobbies. Skills that can help one travel the world. I would like to share my knowledge with GoGetterz around the world who are positive and brimming with curiosity and say "I want to learn!". GoGetterz is a marketplace for those who are experts in their fields and would like to share their knowledge with others.

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Reasons to choose GoGetterz

10 reasons that would make you say "I want to teach"

  • 01. Everything apart from teaching is taken care of by GoGetterz.
  • 02. There is no registration fee or course publishing fee. Start without any risk.
  • 03. Share your experiences and skills with those who are curious and passionate.
  • 04. It is global, thus you will be able to connect with people from all over the world.
  • 05. It's an online course, experts need not worry about finding classrooms and students.
  • 06. Attracting customers for your seminars and lectures can easily be done online.
  • 07. It's also helpful for your own branding and promotion.
  • 08. Competitive commission rates, thus it is lucrative for you.
  • 09. If you already have online courses, you can easily attract more members.
  • 10. You can try out flipped classroom and peer-learning type methods of teaching.

Perfect for these people

Independent nail artists

Who wants to hold their own class but doesn't have to know how for setting up a classroom and attracting students.

Since it's online, the cost for setting up a classroom and getting students it 0. There is no registration or publication fee, so there is no risk in starting.

Consultants who want to earn along with with a job

A person is already busy with their primary job. It may not be possible to take time and create lecture, manage students and other operations.

Outside of teaching, GoGetterz manages everything from fee collection, lecture management, etc. Since there is no need to go to an actual classroom, one can teach from anywhere without disturbing their lifestyle.

The shop owner who wants to bring the charm of his hometown to the world.

The history and charm of the hometown of Okinawa where one was born and raised is conveyed domestically as well as to the entire world.

GoGetterz is the learning marketplace that crosses over a great variety of genres. And since it is global, one can connect with students from around the world.

President of a web startup company

Someone who would like to ofer guidance to new comers and share his experiences through a seminar.

It is possible to freely plan the entire course, give guidance to GoGetterz members through a seminar.

Simple online Course Creation

Steps until course presentation


Expert registration

Please enter required details on the Expert registration page. What is it you want to teach? Give details about your career and skills in the profile column.

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Design course

WWhat kind of dreams do your students have? What is their goal? Explaining the goal clearly, write the outline of the course.

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Course creation

Create the course script. Try not to make 1 lesson too long (about 5 minutes). By combining short lessons together, you can help your students maintain concentration. Shooting by smartphone is sufficient. You can simply edit using many of the freely available editing software.

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Course presentation

First time users can upload a course GoGetterz course creation system. Teaching materials such as documents and audio sources can also be attached. The course outline should be clearly written to be select able by the target audience. Setting charges, rates, or setting it free is up to you. Click on course presentation button and wait while the course is uploaded.

Step 4

Member Mentoring

"Classroom Function" is built in each and every course. The course progress ratio of members attending can be easily checked. Member who are not progressing in the lecture will be sent a mentoring mail. The correction and test functions can also be fully utilized.

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Course promotion is possible through GoGetterz site, GoGetterz Voice. Use the coupon function and increase the course participants. Introduce courses via your or SNS to spread the word.

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Sales confirmation can always be checked on the Expert Page. You can claim your commissions at any point of time. Transfers are done with a simple procedure.

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Experts Introductions

It's your turn next!

Wouldn't you like to teach your skills with GoGetterz?

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